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A Quaker Behind the Dream: Charlie Walker and the Civil Rights Movement

Many Americans think of the Religious Society of Friends—also known as Quakers—as passive individuals who avoid modern conflicts. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Brenda Walker Beadenkopf reveals in this narrative biography of her Quaker father, Charles Walker, Friends were passionate about confronting social injustices.


For Charles Walker, the biggest injustice of the 1950s and 1960s was discriminatory treatment of African Americans. Rather than turning a blind eye to the evils of segregation, Walker passionately supported Dr. Martin Luther King’s nonviolent cause, and became a key trainer and writer of training materials for the Civil Rights Movement. He taught nonviolence as a valid method of protest and developed a working relationship with Dr. King and other prominent activists.




Walker wrote the first training handbook for the Movement, served as an organizer for the March on Washington, and was staff trainer for the 1964 Freedom Summer. This book provides a unique inside view of the training and support that took place behind the headlines. A Quaker behind the Dream illuminates Walker’s amazing legacy and enormous influence on the Civil Rights Movement. It is a moving story that deserves to be widely known about humanity, conviction, and faith.



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