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Published Articles

 Articles by Brenda

Daily Guideposts Calendar, 2012 July 21-22
Mysterious Ways "Dad's Flower"


Friends Journal, October 1, 2010
"Why Do the Obamas, Bidens, and Clintons Choose Friends Schools?"
Friends Journal, June 1, 2003
"The Christiana Resistance"


Highground,  pp 34-35, Issue # 19, 1997

"After the Storm: Brian Martin Continues Working on Behalf of Gulf War Vets"




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Articles about Brenda

Edwardsburg Argus, January 25, 2018
"Behind the Dream; Local woman pens book about father, civil rights movement"

Cassopolis Vigilant, June 21, 2018
Minority Coalition Celebrates Juneteenth

Edwardsburg Argus 2/23/2017
Display features letters by Dr. Martin Luther King

Niles Daily Star  2/16/2011
    Niles NAACP - Black History Month

Niles Daily Star
4/4/2012 Beadenkopf at World Quaker Conference

Niles Daily Star  5/30/2012
    Return from Africa trip
Niles Daily Star  11/12/2012
    Speaks about Africa