Andrews University Martin Luther King Jr. Forum

Will and Brenda were warmly welcomed and enthusiastically received by both the students and AU-Gather-MLK-1-11-2023badministration of Andrews University on January 11th; Brenda as the featured speaker and Will as a former student from the 1980's. Will helped in the back with the slides while Brenda presented the exciting story of her father and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Paulette Johnson, Dean of Libraries, who had invited Brenda, wrote:

Thank you so much for telling the exciting and enduring story of your dad's legacy and your family's role in the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement.  Your message to our campus of working together in Christian love was well received.  I would love to invite you back to the library specifically. If you have any availability in February, please let me know.

P.S.  We would be excited to return as well!

In these photos, Brenda speaks to the student body in the Andrews University Howard Performing Arts Center.


South Haven Scott Club Presentation

By Brenda Beadenkopf



Brenda proceeded with her presentation about her father on January 16th, but did so from home to a well attended Zoom meeting, since weather conditions prevented meeting in person. Watch her presentation here.

Brenda’s Philadelphia Quaker father, Charles C. Walker, met and corresponded with Dr. Martin Luther King. When and why did they meet? What common beliefs held their friendship? How did they develop the principles, strategies, and tactics of nonviolence used successfully in the movement?



On June 15th, Brenda spoke at the Augustana Lutheran Church 7pm about A Quaker Behind the Dream as part of a Martin Luther/Martin Luther King presentation. As the Lutheran Church is based on the teachings and faith of Martin Luther, the Church felt it fitting to present the similarities between Luther and King. The first speaker was to be Rev. Kevin Adams of the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, to compare the two, particularly in how they were alike.He had a personal emergency, but Sister Nora filled in for the Reverend, pointing out that the two men were VERY strong Christian men, rooted in the Bible, who stood up to the governmental and church authorities of the time, even to being excommunicated and arrested or imprisoned for their Godly beliefs.



Brenda, along with her husband Will, was a delegate representing Penn Friends (Quakers) Community Church to their Yearly Meeting (EFC-ER), Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region mid-July 2023.

The two of them manned a large table with their double tri-fold display, one for Volume 1 and one for Volume 2 [Did the Civil Rights Movement just happen? No!] It took moral strength. It took courage. Their message was about the Quaker influence on the Civil Rights Movement and how nonviolence and pacifism were integral to its success.

Besides selling a few books, they reached many with “There is an answer to today’s violent-filled society. Nonviolence!”